We offer you the best of the ITALIAN ICE CREAM PARLOUR, CAFÉ and BISTRO


Our passion for authentic artisan ice cream has led us to develop a totally original working method.

This method allows the most delicate traditional-style gelato to be made in our establishments every day, without the need for knowledge of complex formulations, while adding a personal touch for each area and time, and guaranteeing homogeneity.

We make gelato every day. Unlike industrially produced ice cream, which needs to withstand long storage times and complex logistics, our gelato is made in the morning in the actual establishment so that it can be enjoyed freshly made, in the traditional way. For this reason, when you approach the ice cream display, you will see that there are none the same: each one has its own particular shape, because they are made in the artisan tradition.

This allows us to work with a fat content that is much lower than that of ice cream, and to offer you a freshly made product, which is delicate on the palate and rich in flavour.

It also allows us to incorporate flavours typical of the local areas where our establishments are located. It allows us to work with seasonal fruit at its peak.
We use up to 40% fresh fruit in our sorbets, with no added colourings or flavourings. Only genuine flavour.

Let yourself be tempted by the displays in our establishments: chocolate with orange, straciatella, torrone, mascarpone with figs, Greek yoghurt, etc.
As many as 45 different flavours.

We also make our own iced drinks.. These use fruit or fresh juices free from the colourings and flavourings that conceal the delicious flavour of the real fruit.

The same goes for our smoothies: we don’t work with either concentrates or fruit pulps with added sugar; we only use orange juice and fresh fruit. Delicious and healthy.

And our creamy milkshakes can be made from ice cream and fresh fruit for pure enjoyment.

Always fresh, always natural.