Gelatiamo Café | GELATIAMO

CAFÉ: coffees, frappés, crêpes, waffles, cakes and pastries, etc.


When you walk into one of our establishments, you will be beguiled by the delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee.

We take special care of our coffee machines to offer you THE BEST COFFEE: creamy, intense and aromatic.

A cappuccino with a generous creamy head, or special combinations of coffee, chocolate, ice cream, etc. Browse our menu and be tempted…

Our crêpes and waffles are also freshly cooked using batters that we make according to our own recipes, containing only milk, eggs, flour and sugar.

We don’t use processed flours, frozen products or industrial products. Only genuine ingredients. This is why their aroma is unrivalled and their texture is soft, delicate and spongy.

Choose your own fillings.

Sweet or savoury… Always delicious.